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Why Choose Timber For An Extension?

If you are planning an extension, one of the issues to consider is what materials to use in it. Some like to use brick and others stone, but timber offers a range of qualities making it well worth considering.

Glasgow architects designing house extensions are used to working with all sorts of different materials and will be able to offer a number of reasons to opt for timber, which has both a modern and traditional appeal.

On the traditional side, wood has been used for centuries all over Britain to construct homes. Who hasn’t enjoyed visiting an historic building with old oak beams, adding character to the rich history of many fine old properties? While a new extension won’t take on an ‘aged’ look right away, it will certainly gain it over time.

At the same time, timber addresses some key modern concerns. It is a natural material, from a sustainable and renewable source, and its does not use up lots of energy to produce. Moreover, it does not suffer from having a lot of embedded carbon in it in the way other building materials like concrete do.

Timber also has good insulation qualities, is durable and flexible. Being made from a natural material occurring in the UK, it is also suited to the climate.

There are also further advantages in using it in construction. One of these is that it is quick to assemble and get in place, which means the whole project can proceed quickly. This will not only mean you will get your extension in place sooner, but your neighbours will also appreciate any disruption and disturbance being brief.

When weighing together the aesthetic appeal, the environmental benefits and the speed of construction, you may very well decide that having a timber or timber clad extension is just the way to go to give your home a wonderful new element.

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