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Top Tips For A Small Home Extension

If you have a small property and would like to have a little more space, but don’t want the hassle of moving to a new home, you might be considering an extension.

However, small homes typically don’t have the same level of outdoor space to play with that larger properties do, which can make extending feel like more of a challenge. That doesn’t mean it’s not achievable though, you simply need to be creative in how you approach the project.

An article for Ideal Homes recently offered some advice on how to go about getting the most out of extending a small home.

One of the top recommendations from the publication is to look at single-storey extensions to increase the size of your downstairs floor plan. In properties with narrow rooms, which is common in period properties, this kind of extension can work well.

“Adding a moderate open-plan extension across the back will open up the downstairs to make the whole house feel more generous,” the magazine stated.

Another option is to add a small side extension, with the news provider adding that even adding a metre of width to a room like your kitchen will feel like a lot. Regardless of what sort of extension you choose, opting for large windows or glass doors will help to make it feel even larger and allow you to blend indoor and outdoor spaces in periods of warmer weather.

One of the top home improvements we identified for 2021 is to upgrade your outdoor space, so this could be the ideal time to revamp your garden as well as adding interior space to your home.

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