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Tips To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Extension

The kitchen has become the main hub of a family home, even overtaking the lounge as the focal point of family gatherings, which can transform the life and heart of a home.

It has led to many people extending their kitchens over the years to provide ample space to do everything we want to do inside them. Whether you are wanting to integrate the latest Scandi kitchen design trends, or just improve your space, making the most of your kitchen extension is never an easy task, so we have some tips to make the most of the heart of your property.

Build Features Into The Room

Magazine features of kitchen designs always make them look pretty, but they do have to remain an essentially practical room to be able to prepare and make food and also for people to be able to sit down and eat in.

Therefore, it’s wise to include features in the room, for example, instead of filling space with a dining table, a kitchen island can provide added functionality as a space for dining and granting extra storage space.

Consolidate Your Storage Into One Part Of The Room

The storage space in your kitchen will define the space. Just about always, the style of a kitchen comes from the cupboards, but while you do need cabinets in your kitchen, they do not have to be the main feature. There is a growing movement to consolidate storage in kitchen extensions, and often the driving force behind building an extension in the first place.

Use Peninsulas As Dividers

Peninsulas are just sections of the countertop that stick out into the room, thus providing extra preparation space. Typically, they’re for more practical use but can double up as design features, creating a separation between different parts of the room, such as the food prep part of the kitchen from the eating area, while maintaining a seamless space.

If you’re looking for residential architects in Glasgow for your kitchen extension, contact us today.

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