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The Benefits Of Having A Conservatory

There’s nothing quite like having to spend months on end on lockdown in your home to make you realise you wish you had more space. One of the simplest solutions to solve this is to have a conservatory built, essentially adding a whole new room to your home.

One of the more immediate benefits of investing in a conservatory is the value it can add to your home. Not only will it become a major selling point, and an attractive feature to interest potential buyers, but it can add up to 5 per cent of the overall value, which could be as much as £15,000.

A conservatory can act as a gateway between your house and garden, letting you get closer to nature, but while still protected from the elements and the often changeable nature of the British climate.

The conservatory can be a multi-purpose room, making an excellent lounge, dining area, or even a kitchen. The natural light that floods the space makes it a wonderful place to entertain guests, or simply to relax with a cup of tea and feel the warmth from the sun. It can add so much extra room to your home, especially handy for a growing family.

If you were trying to decide between a conservatory or an extension, then it can be worth bearing in mind that an extension can typically cost around £30,000, while a conservatory may be as little as £3,000, while also planning permissions are much simpler for conservatory builds.

Conservatories often feature lots of natural light and uninterrupted views to your garden, and many people that don’t necessarily mind about increasing value to their home still opt for conservatories, as they can be wonderful places to unwind and relax.

If you need residential architects in Glasgow for your conservatory, then get in touch today!

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