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Should I Hire An Architect For A Smaller Project?

If you are planning on a substantial construction project, such as building a house or substantial renovations, hiring an architect is essential to make sure that the project succeeds without significant problems.

Whilst it is not necessarily required, it is vital to seek professional advice to ensure that your project meets Scottish building regulations, and unless the person undertaking the project happens to be a professional themselves, this usually required hiring a professional architect for the task.

However, do you necessarily need an architect for a smaller project, such as a less radical renovation, conversion or loft extension?

The answer is likely still yes, at least if you want to save time, energy and potential legislative problems later on.

In Scotland, you need to apply for a building warrant for certain types of work, particularly those featuring conversion, demolishing a building in whole or in part, building a new home, changing the structure of an existing building, extending a building or making significant alterations.

An architect can not only provide advice on the building warrant application process but can also help produce plans and ensure your application follows the best practice principles to ensure it is easily accepted.

As well as this, consulting with an architect can also help you determine at an early stage whether you need to make a full planning application, and much of the technical drawings and plans made can be used for both building warrants and applications for planning permission.

Finally, an architect provided with enough information about what you want in terms of design, materials and other specifications can help you to accurately cost your project and avoid potential surprises once construction begins.

The exact role of an architect on a project will depend on particular needs. Some architects are used to help obtain planning permission before the work itself is handed over to a contractor, but in other cases, the architect will be a core part of the project until its completion.

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