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Searches For Extensions On The Rise

The number of people carrying out searches for the term ‘home extensions’ in Google has hit a record high in 2020, Property Wire reported.

According to the news provider, the number of searches for home extensions has gradually been increasing since the last recession, with a peak occurring this year, no doubt in response to the amount of time we’ve all been spending in our homes as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions.

The publication also pointed out that there are a number of advantages to opting to extend your current abode, rather than moving somewhere new.

Among them is the fact that you won’t have to go through the upheaval of moving house, and that you’ll be able to stay in a neighbourhood that you like living in. This could be particularly important if there aren’t many larger homes in your area.

The cost of home extensions can vary significantly, with the news provider noting that they generally start at around £16,000 and can go up to over £60,000. This will be dependent on what the extension will be used for, how large it is and whether there is also plumbing and gas work to be carried out, such as if it’s for a bathroom or kitchen.

With more of us working from home than ever before, it’s understandable if people are looking to expand their living spaces to give themselves a permanent home office.

As we recently suggested, another option is to install a garden home office. This is an entirely separate space where you can set up an office, allowing you to create an important separation between your work and home lives.

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