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Property Value Increases With Glasgow House Extensions

With the coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown, how our homes work for our day-to-day lives has taken on new significance in 2020. Home is no longer just a place to relax and unwind, but for many of us it has also become the office, the gym, the yoga studio, the bar and restaurant, even the school classroom.

In fact, according to the Office of National Statistics, 70% of people in the UK had never worked from home before lockdown, but now over 20 million Brits have traded the office for their house. And this change to how we’re working and living is causing us to re-evaluate our home requirements, creating a surge in demand for Glasgow architects and house extensions.

Unlike buying a house, adding an extension enables you to create a bespoke space that works specifically for your lifestyle. Not only that, but you could be adding value to your property, too.

In one recent report, property experts found that adding an extra bedroom to a residential property could add an extra 20% increase to the overall value of the house. The top five value-adding extensions were revealed as:

1. Additional bedroom: +20% increase in value

2. Larger kitchen: +15-20% increase in value

3. Loft conversion: 15% increase in value

4. Additional living space: 10% increase in value

5. Additional bathroom: 5% increase in value

Maybe you’re now one of the millions of people now working from home and require extra space for a home office, or perhaps you’ve moved your burgeoning business from external premises to your own home.

Perhaps you bought your house as a couple and have grown into a family and need extra bedrooms. Or maybe the idea of moving house to somewhere bigger in these uncertain times feels far too stressful with the unknown economic effects of COVID-19 on the property market.

Whatever your reason for choosing a house extension, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for house architects in Glasgow, get in touch with us today.

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