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Is The Garden Home Office The Future Of WFH?

The lockdown and various tiered restrictions across the UK indicate that working from home is possibly a very real long term reality, and the garden office is a way of creating a dedicated home office.

While it appeared that the WFH situation might only be temporary, many months ago, now that the kitchen table is cluttered with piles of work stuff, as well as homework and the remnants of last night’s dinner, it is time to look at a more permanent solution, such as a garden home office.

Even before the pandemic, flexibility had become a trending theme for job descriptions, and many people wanted an option to be able to work from home in some capacity, whether it was full time or a couple of days a week.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and COVID-19 forced the hand of many businesses to make the mass migration to remote working. But many people are finding out that working at the kitchen or coffee table is not ideal, especially in a busy household with frustrated family members unable to get out.

Having a work-life balance has never been more important, and while being able to spend more time with the family has been a bonus for many, WFH means the lines between work and home have become blurred.

It is just not conducive to a good working or relaxing environment to be able to see your desk from your sofa or bed and vice versa.

The garden home office can be a bespoke solution that allows the benefits of working from home, while also creating a distinct separation between home and work.

A working-from-home pod is a short commute that is sufficiently far away from the bustle and comfort of a home but not so far that you can't nip across for a coffee. Think garden shed but with insulation, lights and plug sockets.

If you are planning a garden home office and need the services of residential architects in Glasgow, call us today.

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