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Interest For House Extensions Hits All-Time High

Data from Google has revealed that homeowners have been searching for ‘house extension’ more than ever before, as they look to get the most value out of their homes.

The Scotsman reports that it is not that surprising with the UK being subjected to various lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic and people are wanting to expand their living spaces as they spend more time working and living at home.

Whether it is for a permanent work-from-home setup or to create a sanctuary and retreat from the world at large, homeowners are wanting more space and flexibility from their homes.

However, experts suggest that the peak in interest is not solely due to the pandemic. Interest in house extensions has been steadily increasing since the 2010 recession, and the winter months see a peak in internet searches.

Aside from the desire to improve your living space and the potential for a home office, gym, or rec rational space, there are many clear benefits to a house extension.

Initially, it is far cheaper than moving house and is much more achievable for many homeowners. Saving for an extension can be done in a much shorter time than it could take to save for a deposit and arrange a mortgage for a new property,

If you’re considering an extension, you could be looking at anywhere between £16,000 to £70,000 plus VAT, depending on the property, the size of the extension, and your location. There will also be other costs to consider, such as planning permission, party wall agreements, plumbing and electricity (particularly for a kitchen or bathroom), windows, and finishing touches.

However, the benefits vastly outweigh the cost. A need for extra space doesn’t mean you will be wanting to leave your current house and an extension will allow you to remain in a house that you have made a home, keeping the advantages - neighbours, area, schools, amenities - that you have already.

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