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Important Tips In Order To Choose The Right Builder For Your Project

Whether you are working on a new housing development, an extension or any other construction project, having the right builder that understands your goals and aims is critical to the success of the job.

They need to work with you and house architects in Glasgow to not only organise and undertake the construction but also provide advice on whether the work you are planning requires a building warrant, a full application or has other legal implications.

As a result, it is essential to choose the right people, and with that in mind, here are some important pieces of advice to ensure you make the right choice.

Know Their Specialities

Construction is a phenomenally wide field, and most builders will have a particular speciality that they are better in than others. Some are experts in extensions, others prefer to work with loft conversions, and others still favour commercial projects.

Look for people who specialise in the work you want, and that will get you much closer to what you want.

Thoroughly Check Their Credentials

Most builders with a reputation for quality will be registered with a trade association, have references for previous work and check for any reason that may disqualify them from your consideration.

Check for the logos of organisations such as Considerate Constructors and the National House Building Council, and check the websites of these organisations to ensure they are actually registered.

As well as this, check if a builder has ever been declared bankrupt, which whilst not always the fault of the contractor, can sometimes indicate a pattern of behaviour. Conversely, check to see how long they have been trading for as well as how busy they are.

In some cases, particularly for busier contractors, you can even head to one of their sites to see how they are getting on to see if they are the right fit.

Check The Quote

Once you start obtaining quotations, make sure to obtain as detailed a quote as possible and be aware of what work is and is not covered.

Typically a quote should cover site maintenance/clearance and the purchase of supplies needed to complete the job.

This not only will highlight which builders are more detail orientated than others, but also help when forming a detailed build contract.

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