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Extraordinary Extensions Showcases £11m Mega Basement

Channel 4’s Extraordinary Extensions has rapper turned property developer Tinie Tempah exploring some of the UK’s more extravagant and ambitious home extensions, and the latest episode visits an £11 million basement extension project in the former Panamanian embassy in London.

Many people have found the need for additional space in the house post-lockdown, but in cases where there is no room to extend outwards, some people, such as multi-millionaire ultra-prime property developer Kam Babaee, who is featured in the episode, and decided to extend downwards, and develop an incredible ‘mega basement’.

While some viewers have called the project ‘obscene’ and tasteless’, according to the Daily Mail, the 5,000 square metre basement project features a spa, commercial kitchen, nightclub room, cinema, swimming pool, gym, sauna and hair salon, with interior design by Nicola Fontanella.

With any extension project, taste is subjective, and it is more important that you achieve a finished product that you want, rather than concern yourself with the opinion of others!

Tinie talks to Kam in the episode, who tells him how he bought Amberwood House in Knightsbridge for £22 million, which was also the former home of ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn.

While exploring the spa area of the extension Tinie comments that he must have taken all the marble out of Italy for the project.

“I’ve been to some spas in my time, Kam, but this is next level,” the rapper said.

He also took a stroll in the unfilled pool, commenting that it gave him perspective on how far down the project had been digging.

Being able to dig this deep and still having all the light that you’ve got in here. Can I just say, you’ve definitely done it. I haven’t seen anything like this! I’m standing in the best pool I’ve ever been in. There’s no water in it and I’m still satisfied,” he said.

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