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Be Inspired By George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

Brits have long-been fans of property shows, whether tuning in to see struggling homebuyers find their dream place to live or learning how to develop houses for profit. If these sound right up your street, make sure you turn on George’s Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations for some extraordinary property transformations.

Ever since Location, Location, Location hit the telly in 2000, we have been obsessed with watching other people’s journeys when it comes to finding, buying, selling, redecorating, and redeveloping properties.

Channel 4’s latest offering, featuring architect George Clarke, is no less compelling, with the cameras following people as they convert old buildings into luxury homes.

The 48-year-old told Dorset Echo: “If an old building is lost and demolished, it's a real shame. Giving it a new lease of life and turning it into something else, turning it into a home, it's another chapter in the story of that building. It's actually quite exciting."

Clarke reassures viewers that each of the five projects featured in the TV series are a “knockout”, from the conversion of an abandoned electricity substation to the redevelopment of a set of Grade II-listed buildings into a family home.

There are more than 600,000 abandoned buildings in the UK, with this number set to grow due to the demise of the high street forcing retailers to close their doors.

Amazing Productions, which is behind the series, stated that transforming these buildings into homes is “the only way we can breathe life back into these much-loved local landmarks”.

Not only does this result in some fantastic homes, but it is good for the environment, with Clarke telling the publication: “You can’t be greener than recycling an old building.”

If this has inspired you to transform your home into something ‘remarkable’, contact architects in the Glasgow area today.

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